Homeowner Insurance Claims

When you secure a policy of insurance to protect your home and personal possessions, you expect to be fully indemnified by that policy in the event you sustain damage from a fortuitous loss. However, when an adjuster looks at your claim after you have suffered a loss due to theft, fire, water, or some other cause, he or she may offer you far less than you deserve. The adjuster may even deny or underpay on your claim without conducting a full and adequate investigation of the damage at the insured location.

If you are required to submit a “sworn proof in loss,” appear for an examination under oath, or produce documentation that is difficult or impossible to secure, your claim may behampered. Further, if you have been sent a “reservation of rights” letter by your insurer, your claim may be under investigation and you may be at risk for an eventual denial of your claim in the future.

Your rights are not only determined by your policy, but also by your state’s Insurance Code and applicable state law. Research shows that an insured who is represented by an attorney is likely to recover far more policy benefits than those that are unrepresented.

Do not let an insurance company offer you less than the value of your claim or discourage you from retaining counsel.

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Protecting the Rights of Insureds and Claimants